The Mad Toymaker

Tina Mayer

 Karsten Krueger

Thomas Lehm


 The list of missing people is growing rapidly from week to week. Social Status, heritage and jobs of the missing people do not give any clues to the reason for their disappearance.

The pattern is not apparent and the police are clueless.

As of now, only 4 people could escape the kidnapper, but their statements are confusing and helpless.


The few facts all stories have in common are that a madman locked them in a room full of toys, set a timer for 60 minutes and told them to have fun „playing“.


All other missing people never showed up again- solely a marionette puppet control bar appeared at the place of their kidnapping with a puppet attached to it, that strangely looked like the missing person itself.


 The police nicknamed the criminal „Mad Toymaker“